Date Palms, Palm Fronds

Date Palms are one of the most aesthetic and sought after Palms. But without regular maintenance become messy. Dead fronds and debris make a mess in your pool.

Before fronds removed

Before Date Palms untidy

Date Palm Specialist

Green Works Owns 1 of two Specialist EWP’s. It can fit through your side gate. Once in your back yard can go up 15m accessing most trees with ease.

Yard access EWP

Back yard access EWP

Our Specialist EWP provides us access into Palms inside pool areas. Whilst Green Works employs Trade Qualified Climbing Arborists we always undertake the safest and most efficient way to undertake the work. Our EWP is the safest and most efficient option available.

safe way

Safest option, Quality Job, Trade Qualified Arborist

Cleaning Date Palms can take several hours to undertake. It is important to remember to only hire an Arborist who carries Commercial Insurance. Green Works carries a 20 Million Public Liability Policy and Workers are covered by Workers Compensation Policy. If workers compensation is not carried by the contractor it is the owners responsibility, dont risk it.

Whilst we have never claimed on our insurance it is there to ensure our customers have peace of mind. We are your Safe Option.

EWP cleaning palm

Date Palm, we clean up better than your gardener


Green Works always strives to clean up better than your gardener. Lawn and pool surrounds are raked, airbroomed. We are not pool cleaners but endevour to do our best. We do however recommend the pools are cleaned by a professional as during the palm cleaning process alot of dust is generated…..frequently palms are growing inside pool enclosures.

Our Specialist frequent access back yard trees, cocos palms that require dismantling, pruning, removal, cutting. Green Works prunes to Australian standards and does not lop trees, prune them.

If you require a free quote please do not hesitate to send an email located at the top of this page. It gets noisy working around chainsaws and we check email on our phones regularly.We will then contact you and make a time to complete a Free Quote.

We generally undertake Quotes after 2.30pm and on Saturday mornings.