Arborist Tree Pruning

Ensuring Older Trees are Safe

Green Works provides Tree Pruning services in Southside, Logan and North Gold Coast, that meet and exceed Australian standards.

Older and certain tree species can drop branches without any obvious reason, so pruning rids the tree of old, dead or infected limbs. Whereas cheap tree loppers offer pruning often without correct insurances or methods, Green Works Tree Care maintain and prune trees safely, with either hand or pole pruning, an elevated work platform, or spikeless climbing.

Trees blocking gutters or solar panels?

Often we remove large branches growing over the tops of roofs, using our spider lift cherry picker. We then take away all the cut branches, leaving your nicely-trimmed tree.

How do we Safely Prune Trees so High?

To find an alternative to tree climbing, Green Works undertook research to enable safe tree pruning at height. The answer to our practical and safety concerns was buying the Spider Lift Cherry Picker, one of only two in Queensland. Our Spider Lift gives us the flexibility to access the tallest of trees… and trees in difficult spaces.

Palm tree cleaning / pruning can be dangerous for gardeners, as is simple lopping by uninsured tree workers. Large palm leaves often fall without warning, and pruning tall trees is fraught with danger for the amateur. Our well-trained arborists can be lifted with the spider lift to the top of huge palm trees safely, pruning leaves off without risk of harm. Afterwards, you know it’s safe for the kids to play in your backyard again.


Tree Surgery for Parks and Walkways

Councils sometimes want particular tree pruning work for streetscapes and parks. “Crown lifting” involves the removal of lower tree branches to a specific height, so cars and pedestrians can pass underneath. Our arborists ensure this is done safely and with stability for the tree.

We formatively prune street trees for local authorities on a large scale, in line with industry and onsite supervisor standards. When we need to climb trees, we climb to industry “spikeless climbing” standards. Spikeless climbing is preferred by professional Arborists when tree pruning, as it causes the least damage to the tree cambium.


For peace of mind, we have full public liability insurance.

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