Dangerous Trees and Pruning and removing trees is high risk

” Our Tree Service Handles Projects of Any Size”

Arborists train for years to become trade qualified.
Don’t let your tree trimming turn into a terrible tragedy

Arborist equipment is expensive to purchase, but it means tree work is undertaken in the least risky way. This allows us to safely dismantle trees in small spaces. Green Works has specialist equipment that can be taken down the side of a house into confined spaces, and expands up to 15m high.

Green Works undertakes work for large organisations in Logan, Northern Gold Coast and South Brisbane. We carry the highest level of commercial cover: 20 million dollars.

A large tree branch or tree can weight several tons. A palm tree for example can weigh more than your car. Tragically, accidents do happen. We would not want this to happen in your backyard, but a professional arborist will know exactly how to prune or remove trees.

Green Works Tree crews have extensive training, skills, and equipment to handle any kind of tree service, from removing diseased branches, to tree stump removal, to reshaping old growth of massive trees. We can even plant trees to replace what we remove!


When you want tree services that care about you, your property, and your wallet, we’re the tree company to turn to.

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