Removing Palm Trees in Pool Areas

Arborist Tree Removal: What to do with a Dangerous Tree?

Palms look sensational around pools. Many have been planted next to pools in the Brisbane’s South Side, Logan Council area, & Northern Gold Coast areas. But how do you go about removing a palm tree?

When cleaning or removing palms in confined spaces, you need to use an experienced, qualified arborist who uses the latest technology to ensure your pool is not damaged.

How is a Palm Removed?

Palms can weigh the same as your car. We access the top of the palm with our spider lift (there only a few in Queensland). The palm is dismantled in small sections and carried out. Were palms cannot be accessed our trade qualified arborists climb the palms.

Green Works Tree Care is fully insured to ensure you don’t have to worry any legal risk such as what happens if the arborist hurts themselves.

We have a specialist stump grinder that can access the most confined spaces, can be lifted over fences to grind stumps to reduce the source of white ant infestation in your yard.

Most of the Green Waste is chipped. You can keep all the mulch. We generally give the mulch to a couple of local schools if customer doesn’t want all theirs..

Once Green Works Tree Care completes the job we aim to clean up better than your gardener would.Removing Palm Trees – Removing Palm Trees

Cocos Palms – Clean or Remove and Replant?

Cocos palms present all sorts of problems in pool areas. Many clients either have them removed or cleaned. Over the long term, it is cheaper to remove the palms and replant with a palm species that is self-cleaning.

There are many people that advertise that they clean palms but they are not insured and could hurt themselves undertaking something they are not trained to do.

Always check to see if they have a current public liability policy. Most qualified arborists carry a 20 million dollar policy…. but check.

We access trees at height by the safest method possible using our spider lift. For further information, please click on the link for more information:

Looking for a Local Trade Qualified Arborist?

The Green Works Tree Care Team are certified arborists that have decades of experience when it comes to safely removing dangerous trees. Green Works Tree Care has the advantage of having specialist equipment to handle any tree removals even in hard to access areas. We service all suburbs on Brisbane’s South Side, Logan Council area, and Northern Gold Coast.

Green Works Tree Care are renowned for being safe, reputable and professional. Always doing a quality job and always tidy up much better than your garden enthusiast.

Plus, Green Works Tree Care brings 20 million dollars’ worth of Public Liability Insurance. Other insurances consist of Work Cover, all our lorries and plant are also insured.

Get a complimentary quote by calling Jason at Green Works Tree Care on 0431476567 or visit this link –