Cost of Palm Tree Removal in Brisbane

Welcome. I bet you’ve got one or two giant palm trees, right? And you’re looking for the cost of palm tree removal in Brisbane or Gold Coast?

First of all, why would you employ a tree surgeon/arborist, when you could just remove a tree with a cheap tree lopping service? So glad you asked. The advantage of using a certified Arborist is that work safety and public safety standards are both met, meaning less liability for you. The real benefit of using a qualified Arborist to remove palm trees though is: they will do the job properly first time!

stump after tree removal

No Dodgy Stumps After Tree Removal

You don’t want any dodgy stumps left behind to become a new home for white ants! Of course, Jason and the GreenWorks team will employ the best method to first get up there safely, usually with an elevated spider lift. The arborist removes the fronds, cuts and removes the trunk, and then with specialist equipment he grinds off the stump, leaving a neat edge. Then he takes it all away for you, unless you want the mulch for garden use.

So What is the Cost of Palm Tree Removal?

The cost of Palm Tree Removal (Brisbane, Gold Coast) is not so worrying. A little more than Tree Loppers (the ones who leave stumps, have lesser equipment, and are not insured) and a little less than sum total of the hours it takes you to clean up all those palm leaves over ten years. (You could have a better paying hobby than this too).

To find out the costs, get a quote for palm tree removal or palm tree cleaning in Brisbane South, Logan, Gold Coast, by calling Jason on 0431 476 567.

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