South East QLD Tree Specialist.
Premier Tree Removal Company.

As experts in Tree Conservation, we take care to provide advanced tree care based on our arboriculture training.

Our tree care services comply with work safety, public safety, and Council requirements. We work with homeowners, business, local Councils, Universities, resort managers, and Body Corporate managers to help create balanced tree landscapes.




Arborist Tree Services.
Pruning, Removal & Emergency Tree Services.

Whether you have one tree or a dozen, the Green Works team can handle your tree job in northern Gold Coast and Logan. If you’re worried about a tree, or you want to let light in or have a better view, our Certified Arborist Tree Services offer the safest way to prune, remove trees, or clean up after storms. We always remove trees in compliance with all council bylaws and our own high safety standards.




South East QLD Arborist Tree Pruning
Ensuring Older Trees are Safe.

Green Works provides Tree Pruning services in Southside, Logan and North Gold Coast, that meet and exceed Australian standards. Older and certain tree species can drop branches without any obvious reason, so pruning rids the tree of old, dead or infected limbs. Whereas cheap tree loppers offer pruning often without correct insurances or methods, Green Works Tree Care maintain and prune trees safely, with either hand or pole pruning, an elevated work platform, or spikeless climbing.

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Green Works Saved Our Home After the Storm

With Fallen Trees All Around Us... We Appreciated Green Works Quick Response . Annie McMahon, Beenleigh

Green Works uses industry best practices and state-of-the-art equipment to remove your tree safely and effectively. Everything we do is in-house, so we don’t employ subcontractors or rented equipment. What does that mean for you? It means we offer a service that is more affordable than any other tree removal service in the industry. We’re a locally owned and operated company, so our clients can depend on high-quality service that’s equally fast and friendly.

When you want tree services that care about you, your property, and your wallet, we’re the tree company to turn to.