Falling Tree, Falling Branches This Information Could Save Your Life

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Falling Tree, Falling Branches This Information Could Save Your Life…

… or that of your friends, family, neighbours, or simply strangers passing by.

35km/hr — Can You Take A Hit This Fast?

That’s the speed of a falling tree trunk or branch. It can happen at any time, to any tree, as quick as it’s taken you to read this sentence.


Your home offers little protection either, if a nearby tree decides to ram itself onto your roof or through a wall. Power lines often come down with trees and lives are needlessly lost because someone didn’t act sooner.

The Time Is Now

Fortunately, you can act now. You can protect yourself and those around you quickly and easily. The first step print out and keep this information visiblemany people keep it on their fridge. The second step is to send photos of nearby trees to 0431 476 567 or simply Fill out the Submit Form (we check our phone email every 2 business hours)!

.You’ll get a response fast telling you if your home is safe—and it’s completely FREE to use this service too.

If You’re At Risk

Call Jason 0431 476 567 now if you’re worried about any trees, overhanging branches, or palms. You’ll be given a FREE quote and an explanation of how we can make your home safe, fast.