Why Risk It… Some Palms Trees are too Dangerous to Climb

Arborist Tree Removal: What to do with a Dangerous Tree?

Many Palms and Trees are far too Hazardous to Climb

Climbing some palm trees can be deadly for anyone, that includes home gardeners and tree surgeons.

For your safety and the protection of your property, these activities should only be undertaken by competent, qualified and insured arborists. Like the Green Works Tree Care team.

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In the past, many difficult to reach trees were only accessible for pruning by climbing. Many trees are even impossible to reach with aerial bucket trucks and the climbing arborist went ‘out on a limb’ to prune trees.

Work Safe Australia reported that;
“there have been a number of fatalities in Australia in recent years associated with conventional methods of tree removal.

In NSW, 5 climbers have been fatally injured using conventional climbing methods since 2005.”


A Safer Method of Tree Pruning

Even with a minimum amount of access, our Spider lift can safely and efficiently remove any tree that poses danger and liability issues.

It doesn’t matter if the tree is very high either, as the elevated platform can reach up to 10 m in height.

Arborists with all areas access and confined space specialists

With Green Works Tree Care‘s Spider Lift, we have the ability to enter narrow doorways, gates. This gives us fast, safe, and easy access to your nearly inaccessible trees.

Spider Lift can also travel on lawns without damaging the turf.

palm tree maintenance by Green Works Tree Care

Pruning and removing larger trees is a dangerous task involving large, heavy structures, dangerous equipment and working at heights

Why risk it? Take the safe option by hiring Green Works Tree Care team and our Spider Lift.

Looking for a Local Trade Qualified Arborist?

The Green Works Tree Care Team are certified arborists that have decades of experience when it comes to safely removing dangerous trees. Green Works Tree Care has the advantage of having specialist equipment to handle any tree removals even in hard to access areas. We service all suburbs on Brisbane’s South Side, Logan Council area, and Northern Gold Coast.

Green Works Tree Care are renowned for being safe, reputable and professional. Always doing a quality job and always tidy up much better than your garden enthusiast.

Plus, Green Works Tree Care brings 20 million dollars’ worth of Public Liability Insurance. Other insurances consist of Work Cover, all our lorries and plant are also insured.

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