Tree Removal, Tree Removal Logan – Use the Safest Option

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Tree Removal, Tree Removal Logan – Use the Safest Option

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Good Clean up

better than your gardener.

Tree removal, Tree removal logan

Dead trees can be structurally unsound and a home for white ants. Green Works safely removes dead trees with state of the art machinery, Qualified Arborists, Fully Insured, good clean up better than your gardener.

We own a narrow track access Cherry Picker so narrow it can access through house side gates to get into a backyard https://www.greenworkstreecare.com.au/2017/08/spider-lift-delivers-safest-option/

We can reach upto 15m to safely dismantle an unstable tree. In confine spaces the tree is carried out in small pieces as is safely disposed of.

We often are called in to provide tree and palm removal of dead trees in traffic areas. https://www.greenworkstreecare.com.au/2016/10/date-palms-traffic-areas/

Tree removal, Tree removal logan, Palm Tree Removal

Palms in Traffic Areas

Green Works is an experienced Government Contractor delivering high quality vegetation services on roadways.


Trade Qualified Arborist AQF3

Horticulturalist L4

EWP operators (2)

traffic control (2)

Current First Aid (2)

Truck, Chipper, Narrow Access 15m EWP

20 Million Public Liability

Current Work Cover

Fully insured for commercial work

Tree removal, Tree removal logan, Your Safest Option

We are often working next to noisy machinery and cannot hear the phone. We check our phone and email every 2 hours. To arrange a free quote call, Text Jason on 0431476567, or fill out the form on this page and we will get back to your shortly, thank you.

Dead Tree

Dead trees


Right equipment to do the job