Tree Removal and Stump Grinding…

Arborist Tree Removal: What to do with a Dangerous Tree?

We Don’t Pull Roots We Grind Them!

Green Works Tree Care specialises in tree removal and palm removal in confined spaces such as pool enclosures. Where possible we use our Cherry picker to gain access to trees and palms in difficult areas, See more information about out services HERE

Where this is not possible trees are climbed and dismantled. The trees are cut down to just above ground height. In garden areas stumps can be mulched over saving the customer an expense.

However, in lawn and pedestrian traffic areas stumps can be a trip hazard. Green Works Tree Care team doesn’t pull the stump out of the ground because often the roots grow around services deep underground such as water lines.

We use a specialist stump grinder to access areas such as pools. The machine can be lifted over a fence to access the most difficult site.

We only undertake stump grinding as part of undertaking other services e.g. tree removal and stump grinding go hand in hand.

Tree Stump Grinding by Green Works Tree Care

Looking for a Local Trade Qualified Arborist for Tree Removal & Stump Grinding?

The Green Works Tree Care Team are certified arborists that have decades of experience when it comes to safely removing dangerous trees. Green Works Tree Care has the advantage of having specialist equipment to handle any tree removals even in hard to access areas. We service all suburbs on Brisbane’s South Side, Logan Council area, and Northern Gold Coast.

This includes suburbs like Kingston, Logan Central, Logan City District, Trinder Park, Woodridge. As well as offering professional tree services to Browns Plains, Underwood, Shailer Park, Springwood, Holland Park, Ormeau, Beenleigh, Yatala and Stapylton. See the full lists of suburbs Green Works Tree Care services, click here.

Green Works Tree Care are renowned for being safe, reputable and professional. Always doing a quality job and always tidy up much better than your garden enthusiast.

Plus, Green Works Tree Care brings 20 million dollars’ worth of Public Liability Insurance. Other insurances consist of Work Cover, all our lorries and plant are also insured.

Get a complimentary quote by calling Jason at Green Works Tree Care on 0431476567 or visit this link –

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding
Tree Removal & Stump Grinding