Falling Tree, Falling Branches This Information Could Save Your Life

Falling Tree, Falling Branches This Information Could Save Your Life…

… or that of your friends, family, neighbours, or simply strangers passing by.

35km/hr — Can You Take A Hit This Fast?

That’s the speed of a falling tree trunk or branch. It can happen at any time, to any tree, as quick as it’s taken you to read this sentence.


Your home offers little protection either, if a nearby tree decides to ram itself onto your roof or through a wall. Power lines often come down with trees and lives are needlessly lost because someone didn’t act sooner.

The Time Is Now

Fortunately, you can act now. You can protect yourself and those around you quickly and easily. The first step print out and keep this information visiblemany people keep it on their fridge. The second step is to send photos of nearby trees to 0431 476 567 or simply Fill out the Submit Form (we check our phone email every 2 business hours)!

.You’ll get a response fast telling you if your home is safe—and it’s completely FREE to use this service too.

If You’re At Risk

Call Jason 0431 476 567 now if you’re worried about any trees, overhanging branches, or palms. You’ll be given a FREE quote and an explanation of how we can make your home safe, fast.

Trees and Palms

Trees and Palms

We love the challenge of height, making gardens beautiful, safe and functional in difficult to access places.
The way we do this is by buying cutting edge technology, employing the best and make sure our customers are insured for every event.
We just happen to love Removing, Pruning, Stump grinding Trees, Palms, Pruning Date Palms and Cleaning Palms

Trees and Palms  – We service Brisbane Southside areas from the CBD back to Logan. All of Logan City . Northern Gold Coast areas.
To arrange a free quote click on our website. We check our emails approximetely every two hours. If your busy working or with a family we can arrange an appointment early, afterhours or on a Saturday morning.


New Pool fencing laws Qld

New Pool fencing laws Qld – Green Works

Pool owners have until 30 November, 2015 to comply with the pool safety laws, or earlier if they sell or lease their property before this time.

Many existing pools no longer comply as their fences don’t meet the new standards.

One of the most frequent causes of fencing replacement is vegetation growing against and pushing over fences.

Green Works specialises in dismantling palms and other vegetation inside pool areas.

We have a small stump grinder that can access inside your pool area to grind palm stumps or enable your fencer to install a great looking fence.

You can remove your garden inside the pool area and transform a tired area with a sensational new look.

If you need palms cleaning, golden canes thinning or a neighbours tree pruned back to the fence line to keep leaves out of the pool.

Green Works provides free quotes around pool area. Were fully insured trade Qualified Arborists. We undertake work to a high standard and aim to clean up better than your gardener.

Why not spoil yourself and get the pool area you deserve. So if you’re trying to get a new pool look for Christmas, Selling your property or need to comply with fencing legislation why not get a free quote. Northern Gold Coast, Logan Region, Brisbane

When you send a Free Quote request your email is picked up on a mobile and we endeavour to get back to you in two hours (during business hours).

pool fencing new laws
pool fencing new laws

Date Palm, Palm Fronds

Date Palm

Date Palms, Palm Fronds

Date Palms are one of the most aesthetic and sought after Palms. But without regular maintenance become messy. Dead fronds and debris make a mess in your pool.

Before fronds removed
Before Date Palms untidy

Date Palm Specialist

Green Works Owns 1 of two Specialist EWP’s. It can fit through your side gate. Once in your back yard can go up 15m accessing most trees with ease.

Yard access EWP
Back yard access EWP

Our Specialist EWP provides us access into Palms inside pool areas. Whilst Green Works employs Trade Qualified Climbing Arborists we always undertake the safest and most efficient way to undertake the work. Our EWP is the safest and most efficient option available.

safe way
Safest option, Quality Job, Trade Qualified Arborist

Cleaning Date Palms can take several hours to undertake. It is important to remember to only hire an Arborist who carries Commercial Insurance. Green Works carries a 20 Million Public Liability Policy and Workers are covered by Workers Compensation Policy. If workers compensation is not carried by the contractor it is the owners responsibility, dont risk it.

Whilst we have never claimed on our insurance it is there to ensure our customers have peace of mind. We are your Safe Option.

EWP cleaning palm
Date Palm, we clean up better than your gardener


Green Works always strives to clean up better than your gardener. Lawn and pool surrounds are raked, airbroomed. We are not pool cleaners but endevour to do our best. We do however recommend the pools are cleaned by a professional as during the palm cleaning process alot of dust is generated…..frequently palms are growing inside pool enclosures.

Our Specialist frequent access back yard trees, cocos palms that require dismantling, pruning, removal, cutting. Green Works prunes to Australian standards and does not lop trees, prune them.

If you require a free quote please do not hesitate to send an email located at the top of this page. It gets noisy working around chainsaws and we check email on our phones regularly.We will then contact you and make a time to complete a Free Quote.

We generally undertake Quotes after 2.30pm and on Saturday mornings.

Palm Tree Removal, Palm Tree Cleaning Brisbane

Palm Tree Removal, Palm Tree Cleaning Brisbane

Green Works Tree Services offers palm tree removals and cleaning services in Brisbane. Our team has the expertise to deliver these services to high standards.

Green Work owns a cheery picker that can fit through your side gate, go up 15m (1 of only 2 in Queensland) to clean or remove your palms safely.

With 25 year experience in our local area Green Works is your trade qualified, fully insured solution to your annoying problem. So if you need more light for your solar panel, access along your fence line to install a new fence, we understand the problems you will face and provide you the best solution.

Green Works recognises we work longer hours and it can be difficult juggling life, kids and a career. If you’re a working family we can arrange a Saturday morning or a later appointment. On-site we take the time to understand your needs and to explain how we undertake the work. We strive to clean up better than your gardener.

For a Free Quote fill out the enquiry form at the top of this page or Call Jason at Green Works 0431476567 and we will respond within 2 hours (during working hours).



Modern day arborist use technology to do their jobs safely. This delivers a great Quality Job. Free Quote, www.greeworkstreecare.com.au or Jason 0431476567
Modern day arborist use technology to do their to safely. This delivers a great Quality Job. Free Quote, www.greeworkstreecare.com.au or Jason 0431476567


Palms Removal, Cleaning, Alexander Palms

Palms Removal and Cleaning, Alexander Palms

Got problems with your Alexander Palms?.

During the 1970’s, 1980’s there was a trend to planting Cocos Palms. As the Palms reached maturity they started to seed prlifically causing slip hazards, looking messy, causing damage to pools and has a adverse effect on our Native wildlife.

As new planting trend that emerged was the Alexander Palm Archontophoenix alexandrae, a Palm that is Native to Queensland but self-cleaning. As the community viewed it as a safe option we planted the Palm with enthusiasm in pool enclosures, next to houses and even planted the Palms to screen out the Neighbors.

Twenty years on Alexander Palms are starting to reach their 20m height maturity.

Many organization are regularly getting their Alexander Palms, cleaned or removed. Frequently the self-cleaning palm….falling seed ponds and fronds falling from 20m above is seen as a public liability risk that needs to be managed.

Alexander Palms are generally cleaned once or twice per year depending on climatic conditions. There is a tendency in Queensland if it is dry

Green Works owns state of the art equipment that can access your palms in difficult to get places providing the safest option available to removing or cleaning your palms.

Were fully insured carrying 20 million dollar liability policy so were covered for working in shopping centres, councils, large commercial organizations as well as your family back yard. We also have current works compensation coverage.

If you want to find a bit more information on how we clean or remove palms click on the below link;


by following this link you can also request a free quote on this page.

Or Call Jason on 0431476567



Cost of Palm Tree Removal in Brisbane

Welcome. I bet you’ve got one or two giant palm trees, right? And you’re looking for the cost of palm tree removal in Brisbane or Gold Coast?

First of all, why would you employ a tree surgeon/arborist, when you could just remove a tree with a cheap tree lopping service? So glad you asked. The advantage of using a certified Arborist is that work safety and public safety standards are both met, meaning less liability for you. The real benefit of using a qualified Arborist to remove palm trees though is: they will do the job properly first time!

stump after tree removal

No Dodgy Stumps After Tree Removal

You don’t want any dodgy stumps left behind to become a new home for white ants! Of course, Jason and the GreenWorks team will employ the best method to first get up there safely, usually with an elevated spider lift. The arborist removes the fronds, cuts and removes the trunk, and then with specialist equipment he grinds off the stump, leaving a neat edge. Then he takes it all away for you, unless you want the mulch for garden use.

So What is the Cost of Palm Tree Removal?

The cost of Palm Tree Removal (Brisbane, Gold Coast) is not so worrying. A little more than Tree Loppers (the ones who leave stumps, have lesser equipment, and are not insured) and a little less than sum total of the hours it takes you to clean up all those palm leaves over ten years. (You could have a better paying hobby than this too).

To find out the costs, get a quote for palm tree removal or palm tree cleaning in Brisbane South, Logan, Gold Coast, by calling Jason on 0431 476 567.

Tarzan meets his new Jane with GreenWorks’ Hinowa Light Lift, because we can reach heights and spaces he can’t! We tame your urban Jungle, and turn your garden into the neat space you want and deserve.

GreenWorks’ expert modern-day tree surgeons are ready to sculpt your backyard into a masterpiece with reliable, cost effective tree pruning, removal & emergency services (no loin cloths necessary). We do it all in the fastest and safest way possible – thanks to our Hinowa Light Lift (one of just two in all of Queensland).

Removing a Palm Tree in a pool area

Palms look sensational around pools. Many have been planted next to pools around the Gold Coast, Logan, Brisbane even parts of the Scenic Rim. But how do you go about removing a palm tree?

When cleaning or removing palms in confined spaces, you need to use an experienced, qualified arborist who uses the latest technology to ensure your pool is not damaged.

How is a palm removed?

Palms can weigh the same as your car. We access the top of the palm with our spider lift (one of only two in Queensland). The palm is dismantled in small sections and carried out. Were palms cannot be accessed our trade qualified arborists climb the palms.

Green Works is fully insured to ensure you don’t have to worry any legal risk such as what happens if the arborist hurts themselves.

Most of the Green Waste is chipped. You can keep all the mulch. We generally give the mulch to a couple of local schools.

We have a specialist stump grinder that can access the most confined spaces, can be lifted over fences to grind stumps to reduce the source of white ant infestation in your yard.

Once we complete the job we aim to clean up better than your gardener would.

Cocos Palms – Clean or Remove and Replant?

Cocos palms present all sorts of problems in pool areas. Many clients either have them removed or cleaned. Over the long term it is cheaper to remove the palms and replant with a palm species that is self-cleaning. There are many people clean palms and advertise but they are not insured and could hurt themselves undertaking something they are not trained to do. Always check to see if they have a current public liability policy. Most qualified arborists carry a 20 million dollar policy…. but check.

We access trees at height by the safest method possible using our spider lift. For further information, please click on the link for more information:


(scroll to bottom of page).


resort hotel palms around the pool