Strata Tree Removal

Strata Tree Removal

Strata Tree Removal, Palm Removal  – Cocos Palm Maintenance

The frequency will generally vary between one to two per year between palm cleans depends on factors such as personal preferences such as aesthetics, public liability, budget, rain fall, heat, amount of nutrients.

Typically year 2 there is a significant reduction of seed being produced and cleaning frequencies can be reduced from twice to once per year.

Typically most tree loppers climb the palms using spikes. It makes a lot of very unsightly holes but causes two other major problems. Spiking palms causes;

  • Spread of disease
  • The other strategy some tree loppers use is to spike up the palms and cut out a lot of volume in the hope it will reduce the frequency. Unfortunately many are not trained, or insured and don’t know what to look for.

    Palms to stress and produce more seed, increasing the frequency the palms need to be cleaned.

Green Works has been a local business for 13 years. Were trade qualified arborists, carry 20 million public Liability insurance, work cover, all our vehicles and plant are insured. We do a quality job and aim to clean up better than your gardener.


We would anticipate there may be minor marking to the turf as the spider lift accesses the lawn area. But we will take care to ensure any damage is minimised.

a non-pedestrian area. We return next day around 9am to chip the green waste. We find this has the least disruption to a site.


We anticipate most palms would be cleaned using the spider lift. There are a couple of palms in inaccessible areas that will be climbed.

We provide free Quotes, Call Jason on 0431476567 or fill out the form on this site and I will get back to you in 2 hours.


We generally attend the site 7am, complete our risk assessment, put out signage and commence work. 

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Pool Cleaning driving you mad?

Pool Cleaning Again…. Ready to murder your trees?

Pools – Are your pool filters struggling to keep up with the leaves and flowers?

Roots – Are the roots of trees and palms damaging pavers or the pool?
Solar panels – Missing out on getting money back from the Power Company? Are you getting maximum sunlight to your solar panels or are they being shaded?
Gutters – Are your gutters filling up with leaves and flowers prior to storm season?

Turf/Lawns – Are your lawns/turf struggling to grow in the shade?
Garden Projects – installing a new shed, fence and need access?
Green Works specialise in working in those difficult access areas other tree business don’t have the equipment.
As we own the equipment there are no hidden hire charges. Our specialised cherry picker fits down the side of your home (standard side gate) can access your back yard, go up 15 meters. There are only two in the state and we own one. With access we can prune, remove and dismantle or manicure oversized hedges.
We have never claimed on our insurance. We are fully insured so you can be assured if something did go wrong you would not be responsible. Why take the risk?.
We are Trade Qualified Arborists that clean up better than your gardener.
For a Free Quote Brisbane South Logan Gold Coast North Call or Text Jason on 0431476567 or fill out the form at the top page. The email is sent through directly to my phone.
– Greenworks –
Fully Insured / Highly Trained / OH&S Compliant / Arboricultural Standards – compliant / 25 years of Experience / Fully Equipped (no additional hiring charges) / Quotes available on Saturdays / Before and After digital photography with every job

Specialise Hard to Access Trees
Specialise Hard to Access Trees, Green Works specialise in pruning and removing trees in hard to access places. We own a machine that fits through a house side gate and goes up 15m. It’s the safest option to do tree work and there is only 2 in the state. We transform gardens to make them safe, maintainable and saleable

Palm Tree Removal, Palm Tree Cleaning Brisbane

Palm Tree Removal, Palm Tree Cleaning Brisbane

Green Works Tree Services offers palm tree removals and cleaning services in Brisbane. Our team has the expertise to deliver these services to high standards.

Green Work owns a cheery picker that can fit through your side gate, go up 15m (1 of only 2 in Queensland) to clean or remove your palms safely.

With 25 year experience in our local area Green Works is your trade qualified, fully insured solution to your annoying problem. So if you need more light for your solar panel, access along your fence line to install a new fence, we understand the problems you will face and provide you the best solution.

Green Works recognises we work longer hours and it can be difficult juggling life, kids and a career. If you’re a working family we can arrange a Saturday morning or a later appointment. On-site we take the time to understand your needs and to explain how we undertake the work. We strive to clean up better than your gardener.

For a Free Quote fill out the enquiry form at the top of this page or Call Jason at Green Works 0431476567 and we will respond within 2 hours (during working hours).



Modern day arborist use technology to do their jobs safely. This delivers a great Quality Job. Free Quote, or Jason 0431476567
Modern day arborist use technology to do their to safely. This delivers a great Quality Job. Free Quote, or Jason 0431476567


Why risk it… Some Palms, Trees are too dangerous to climb

Many Palms and Trees are far too deadly and hazardous to safely climb – for anyone, a home gardener or a tree surgeon.

With a minimum amount of access, our Spider lift can safely and efficiently remove any tree that poses danger and liability issues.

In the past, many difficult to reach trees were only accessible for pruning by climbing. Many trees are even impossible to reach with aerial bucket trucks. And so, the climbing arborist went ‘out on a limb’ to prune trees.

Work Safe Australia reported that “there have been a number of fatalities in Australia in recent years associated with conventional methods of tree removal.  In NSW 5 climbers have been fatally injured using conventional climbing methods since 2005.”

A Safer Method of Tree Pruning

With our own Spider Lift (pictured), we have the ability to enter narrow doorways, gates. This gives us fast, safe, and easy access to your nearly inaccessible trees. It doesn’t matter if the tree is very high either, as the elevated platform can reach up to 10 m in height.

Green Works Spider Lift can also travel on lawn without damaging the turf.

Why risk it? Take the safe option and call Jason on 0431 476 567 for a free quote today.

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Or find out more about our Palm Tree Pruning/Removal or Tree Pruning services.

Body Corporate Tree Removal or Palm Cleaning Reduces Gardening Costs

Body Corporate Tree Services

Tree & Palm Removal and Cleaning

On- site managers, Facility managers can be under pressure from the body corporates to reduce on-going costs. Yet there is a balance between cost, site presentation, public safety and the practicality of having a site that can be maintained.

Green Works can provide your Facility with a solution to this problem. We provide a service where we walk through with shareholders to understand all the issues affecting the site. We look at the current on-site activities on site. We analyse the current expenses and fund our service out of the current allocation.

As Green Works is a vegetation specialist we understand all aspects of garden and tree maintenance. We put in place strategies to make the site more maintainable for the on-site manager. This one off service reduces costs over time funding this can be done from existing expenditure.

Most importantly our focus is to improve the presentation of your site. We have the capacity to combine activities such as Palm Cleaning, palm removal and with our specialist equipment.

Research shows that the presentation of landscapes plays an important role in visitors coming and spending time at a site. As the demand for the site increases this can lead to improved property prices and rent values.

body corporate tree removal

We can also provide tailored solutions for large commercial sites such as shopping centres, commercial properties.

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By Jason Crawshaw

Green Works