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Brisbane South Garden Renovations – Make your Home Sale Ready!

We are Doing Garden Renovations in Brisbane South, includes Logan and the Northern Gold Coast.

Make your house Sale Ready... with a garden renovation. Your garden creates one of the first impressions buyers see. Having renovated many houses myself and understand what problems need to be resolved.

Some of the garden problems we see include trees in the wrong place, roots pushing up fences, etc -- can affect the sale of your property if it is picked up on in a building inspection.

Green Works Tree Care header banner image

Tree Removal service means its easy to remove trees in hard to access places

We specialise in pruning and removing trees in hard to access places. Our machine (pictured below) goes through the size of the side gate at your home. In your back yard needs about the same space as a small car for the stabilising legs to extend. The spider lift goes up 15m to complete the job safely.