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An Arborist Talks about Tree Care

It’s amazing how many times people have told me I bought this little plant from a nursery to screen the neighbours in the back of the yard. The plant was only supposed to grow to fence height.

Fifteen years later the seedling has turned into an 18 metre tree, then died... or a major limb is growing over the top of the roof and the owner is worried the branch may fall in a storm.

What makes things worse, in most cases there is limited access into the front yard and the back yard is only the size of a car parking space.

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Arborist Tree Services, Delivering Safer Option

Spider lift delivers the safest service option

Green Works Tree Care provides innovative, confined height technologies combined with our trade qualified team ensuring consistent quality, focused on our customers and industry compliant standards. Customers are assured of a friendly, fully insured safe service providing peace of mind.

After 8 years of delivering professional services to Local Government, Green Works had to revaluate how it was delivering tree pruning, removal services at height.

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Using a Certified Arborist for Dangerous Tree Removal

Concerned about a dead or dying tree on your property?

Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to save your tree. Even strong, healthy trees can fall victim to severe weather, disease, or infestation. If the tree is beyond saving, it’s best to remove it if it poses a danger of falling onto people or structures.

Consult Green Works Tree Care, your local trade certified arborist's to determine if your dead tree poses a dangerous situation on your property and needs to be removed.

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Falling Tree, Falling Branches This Information Could Save Your Life

Falling Tree, Falling Branches This Information Could Save Your Life… … or that of your friends, family, neighbours, or simply strangers passing by. 35km/hr — Can You Take A Hit This Fast? That’s the speed of a falling tree trunk…