Solar Energy Problems, Shade

Solar Energy Problems, Shade

The efficiency of your solar system depends on the light of the sun shining on solar panels. If this is effecting your system there is no point calling energex, origin energy, energy smart or Solarhart.

One of the major problems for solar systems Green Works is regularly referred are tree branches casting a shadows reducing the system’s capacity.

This is a growing problem for many solar system owners. Over the past six months we have seen warm overnight temperatures, more than normal rain fall in Brisbane, Logan, Redland and northern Gold Coast.

These conditions have been perfect for trees to grow. I recently drove past some large trees we recently pruned at Christmas, six months later the trees look like they have grown over a metre.

Solar panels are expensive to replace and are easily damaged. To prune and remove trees around solar panels you need specialist equipment. Green Works owns a specialised cherry picker that fits down you side gate to access your rear yard and goes up 15m.We own one of the two in Queensland. We are trade Qualified Arborists with over 25 years experience, fully insured.

If you’re a working family we can arrange a Saturday morning or a later appointment.

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