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Should I Hire a Certified Arborist for My Tree Removal Needs?

If you have some unwanted hair, a simple shave, wax, or tweeze will do the trick. If you have unwanted furniture, haul it away. If you have an unwanted tree, that’s another matter entirely.
Tree removal is a tricky task. Whether or not the tree is still alive, you’re extracting something that has woven itself into the structure of your property.
Instead of taking the DIY route or calling a landscaper to do the job, your best option is to hire a certified arborist for your tree removal.
What Is a Certified Arborist?
An arborist is someone who is professionally trained in the biology of trees. These professionals are experts in tree health and caring for trees.
For someone to be a certified arborist in Queensland, In most cases, they have completed thorough training include an apprenticeship. Many of them are also members of Queensland Arboricultural Association or QAA as well, so it’s a good idea to choose an arborist who is a member.
The organization’s goal is to maintain best practices for tree care throughout Queensland.
Staff members at Green Works have completed their trade qualifications through apprenticeships and some through University education.
Green Works has current Workers Compensation insurance and Carry 20 million public liability insurance. This ensures you have peace of mind.
Keep in mind a lot of back yard tree workers have had no training and are not insured, it’s the recipe for disaster. Tree work is the 6th deadliest occupations in Australia.

Benefits of Hiring a Certified Arborist for Your Tree Removal
When you have a tree you need to remove, a certified arborist is the person for the job. They offer a variety of critical advantages that a typical landscaper, gardener or tree trimmer, tree lopper cannot provide.
1. Knowledgeable Regulation Advice
When you remove a tree, the removal itself may not be your biggest hurdle. Australia’s commitment to preserving nature has led local governments to pass laws the regulate tree removals.
In many cases, you may need to apply for a permit to remove a tree, including trees that are on your private property. It will depend on your city as well as the tree’s size, species, location on the property, and more. For example, in Logan City, native trees over four meters in height are protected.
A certified arborist will help you find out about the regulations in your area and how to apply for a permit if needed. In Logan City, the best place to start;
Keep in mind that removing a protected tree without a permit could bring on extensive fines and you may be ordered to replant a tree. As a result, your certified arborist could be saving you more money than you’re paying them.
2. Structural Caution
As your tree has grown, it has woven itself into the fabric of your property in the most literal way possible. That means removing it could change the structural makeup of your property.
Removing a tree without a plan that accounts for this can cause serious damage to your home, pool, or other structure. On top of this, cutting down a tree comes with a risk of the tree falling on your home.
A certified arborist understands how trees impact the structures around them. We can identify the best strategies to remove a tree while protecting your property.
3. Maintaining Safety
The mechanics of tree removal make it an inevitably risky job. The specialist is working at tall heights, handling dangerous machinery. All the while, they’re dealing with a large, heavy tree that has the potential to cause serious damage.
A certified arborist has more ability than anyone else to do safe tree removal. They have advanced knowledge of the tree they’re working on and experience in tree removal. They also have the equipment necessary to make the job as safe as possible.
For example, Green Works are certified arborists that own a spider lift cherry picker. This unique lift allows them to reach high areas of tall trees in tight locations in your back yard. These types of jobs would be far more dangerous for someone who doesn’t have the same equipment or the knowledge of how to use it.
4. Efficient Removal
Tree removal is no easy job. If you’re trying to handle it on your own or if you hire an unqualified person, you’re setting yourself up for hours or days of unnecessary struggling.
For a certified arborist, tree removals are commonplace. They have it down to a science and can find the most efficient, safest way to approach every job. They also have the equipment and skills to get the job done more easily.
For most property owners, the time that they save alone is worth the tree removal cost of a certified arborist, without factoring in the many other benefits.
5. Legal Protection
As we mentioned above, tree removal can be a dangerous job. As scary as the potential injuries themselves are, you also have to consider the legal and financial consequences of those injuries.
A certified arborist has public liability insurance that covers the risks of working at tall heights. If an accident were to happen, their insurance would cover it because they were performing the necessary duties of their job.
What if you hire someone who is uninsured and there is an accident? You take on all the legal liability because the accident happened on your property.
This includes people who are underinsured for the job. For example, most landscapers or tree lopping team members have some insurance but it doesn’t cover tall heights. If they’re injured working at a taller height than their insurance covers, you’re likely to be liable.
Remember that a certified arborist’s insurance will cover injuries as well as property damage. If they have an accident that damages your home or vehicle, you aren’t stuck paying for it.
It’s best to verify your arborist’s insurance before you hire them. Ask for their certificate of currency to make sure they have at least $20 million in public liability insurance. This is the standard for the industry.
6. Protection for Other Landscaping
As important as it is to keep your home safe, you need to consider the other vegetation in your landscape too. If you use DIY strategies or hire an inexperienced professional, they might remove your tree but take out your other landscaping in the process.
A certified arborist has the in-depth knowledge of tree services to protect your landscaping. They know what is and is not safe to do around other trees and vegetation. If your undesired tree is close to other trees, the arborist will also know how to make that tricky extraction.
7. Thorough Removal
In the case of DIY tree removal, many property owners cut down the tree first. Then they realize how difficult it is to remove a stump, so they leave the stump and decide it’s good enough.
The problem is that stumps can attract termites and other pests to your property. You end up with a far larger problem than an unwanted stump.
A trained arborist can do thorough, complete tree removal from the start. You get the ideal results you want without any unusable space or new lawn pests.
8. Tree Health Assessment
There are plenty of reasons property owners choose to remove trees. If you’re removing a tree because it has died, though, you may have a larger problem on your hands.
A certified arborist can inspect the tree to find out if there was a disease that killed it. If there was a disease, the arborist can help you form a plan to treat and protect your other trees as needed.
In many cases, this could allow you to catch the problem and treat your other trees before the disease takes hold. If the disease goes unchecked, you end up with a far larger and more expensive problem.
9. Accountability
As much as you expect and hope for a smooth tree removal, you need to consider the possibility of something going wrong. What would you do if your tree removal team does
If you hire someone who isn’t a certified arborist, they have far less to lose. There is no one to report them to other than law enforcement if it applies to the situation. As a result, a certified arborist has more accountability and more incentive to do the job well.
How to Find the Right Professional for Your Tree Removal
Your tree removal may seem like a nuisance, but it’s important to think through your options with care. The small inconvenience of an unwanted tree pales in comparison to property damage, injuries, legal issues, and other problems from a poorly done removal.
Our team hires experienced certified arborists who are well-equipped to handle tree removals. To find out more to schedule your job with Green Works, Jason 0431476567 today.

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