Palms Removal, Cleaning, Alexander Palms

Palms Removal and Cleaning, Alexander Palms

Got problems with your Alexander Palms?.

During the 1970’s, 1980’s there was a trend to planting Cocos Palms. As the Palms reached maturity they started to seed prlifically causing slip hazards, looking messy, causing damage to pools and has a adverse effect on our Native wildlife.

As new planting trend that emerged was the Alexander Palm Archontophoenix alexandrae, a Palm that is Native to Queensland but self-cleaning. As the community viewed it as a safe option we planted the Palm with enthusiasm in pool enclosures, next to houses and even planted the Palms to screen out the Neighbors.

Twenty years on Alexander Palms are starting to reach their 20m height maturity.

Many organization are regularly getting their Alexander Palms, cleaned or removed. Frequently the self-cleaning palm….falling seed ponds and fronds falling from 20m above is seen as a public liability risk that needs to be managed.

Alexander Palms are generally cleaned once or twice per year depending on climatic conditions. There is a tendency in Queensland if it is dry

Green Works owns state of the art equipment that can access your palms in difficult to get places providing the safest option available to removing or cleaning your palms.

Were fully insured carrying 20 million dollar liability policy so were covered for working in shopping centres, councils, large commercial organizations as well as your family back yard. We also have current works compensation coverage.

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