Safe Palm Tree Cleaning
and Palm Tree Removal

Keeping Beautiful Palm Trees

Working on Palm Trees takes special expertise. Green Works offers Palm Tree Cleaning, Northern Gold Coast to Brisbane South, to remove dead fronds, seed pods, bracts or diseased foliage, cut interfering branches, trim leaves and trunk collars, or even cut the trunk down to size, all from our safely confined elevated work platform.

Some removed palm leaves are so long, they overhang a ute’s flatbed, not to mention the ton weight of a palm once removed. Imagine hauling that around! Removal of old, dead leaves from the trunk, called ‘palm tree cleaning’, can be done quickly and easily by Green Works Tree Care.

Safely Working up High

Using the latest technology, we can access tall Palm Trees and large trees to remove or to clean the trunk. Our Spider Lift Cherry Picker gives our Arborist access to palm trees within a confined elevated work platform. He’s kept happy and safe, pruning up and down from inside the Elevated Work Platform. This ‘spider lift’ cherry picker can get into tight spaces and down garden paths to access tall palms.

In South-East Queensland, the Coconut/Cocos Palm, Bismark Palm, Palmetto palm, Alexandra Palm or Cuban Royal Palm are some of the types of palm trees you may want cleaned, pruned or removed. They looked so nice when small, but then after many years this giant tree grows, dropping its leaves and becoming high maintenance.


Palm tree removal can be particularly dangerous for gardeners or uninsured tree loppers.

Palm tree owners may be interested in our article: “removing palms around pools”. Large palm leaves are often difficult to prune and remove, and climbing up tall trees is fraught with danger for the amateur. Don’t chance it… ensure safe and efficient palm tree cleaning.

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