Palm Cleaning, Cocos Palms

As you look around the neighbourhood how many people have Cocos palms in their gardens.

Green Works provides a full service cleaning palms, removing seeds, dead fronds, and seed cases and cleaning up after the job is done.

We own a spider lift (one of only 2 in Queensland) that fits through your side gate to get into your back yard and goes up 15m. It is the safest way to clean even the tallest palm. Once in your back yard the spider lift requires about the same size as your car for the legs to extend, we cannot operate it on really steep ground.

We are starting to get enquiry from areas there are a lot of palms to provide a cut down service (palms are cleaned and the waste is piled on site). The owners use their or a neighbours trailer to take the waste to the tip. It provides a great saving, makes it affordable for all and keeps the fruit bats away from your neighbourhood.

This requires neighbours talking and getting yards in adjoining streets to collectively get Cocos palms cleaned at the same time.

As we can clean more palms in a day without removing the green waste we can lower the cost per palm cleaned. We work off a minimum of 30 palms in one close area to achieve a price of $59. per to clean a Cocos palm. The very large overgrown Cocos palms we charge $89.

If you ring around you will find the average cost to clean a palm will be between $70.75-$145.98 to clean a standard palm.

Cocos palms when they reach a certain height have to be accessed with machinery or more dangerously climbed.

Green Works with our innovative machinery can access most sites. We are fully insured, experienced trade qualified arborists. The spider lift is the safest option to clean your palms. Take the safe local innovative option. 

We operate this service in our local area,  Northern Gold Coast, Logan, South Brisbane.

Our payment terms are COD. Payment by EFT. We email the before and after images of the completed work that afternoon.

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NB: this offer is strictly for residential, body corporate, business customers…

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