Brisbane South Garden Renovations – Make your Home Sale Ready!

We are Doing Garden Renovations in Brisbane South, includes Logan and the Gold Coast.

Make your house sale ready… with a garden renovation. Your garden creates one of the first impressions buyers see. Having renovated many houses myself and understand what problems need to be resolved.

Some of the garden problems — trees in the wrong place, roots pushing up fences, etc — can affect the sale of your property if it is picked up on in a building inspection.

Having a garden makeover can not only inspire you as a Jamie Durie, it can also add top dollar to your home for sale. This of course, is what Cherie Barber and other known house and garden renovators do… they add ‘maximum value for minimum outlay’.

Some clients are advertising their house on the basis of …”if you go up a storey, there are views”.

When making your gardens presentable for sale, we can access all kinds of rear yards with our spider lift, and take a photo 15m from the ground. The gardens and home really looks stunning from that angle. For more details refer to the bottom of the page.

When contemplating a Garden Renovation in Brisbane, Green Works Tree Care can provide a free quote to prune, remove, stump grind, top dress, mulch. Get a complimentary quote by calling Jason at Green Works Tree Care on 0431476567 or visit this link –

We even undertake other non-garden activities such as water-blasting driveways, pathways and walls to make your home present at its best.

Put down the tools, you don’t have to sweat it out anymore!

With Green Works you are dealing with qualified people that have practical experience with trees and gardens in South East Queensland.


Green Works Tree Care’s team are expert modern-day tree surgeons that are ready to sculpt your backyard into a masterpiece with reliable, cost-effective tree pruning, removal & emergency services (no loin cloths necessary).

The Green Works Tree Care Team are certified arborists that have decades of experience when it comes to safely removing dangerous trees. Green Works Tree Care has the advantage of having specialist equipment to handle any tree removals even in hard to access areas. We service all suburbs on Brisbane’s South Side, Logan Council area, and Northern Gold Coast.

Our expert tree climbers are at your service to:

  • Prune or remove messy trees
  • Free up blocked views
  • Provide emergency tree removal
  • Plant trees
  • Clean & remove palm trees
  • Trim oversized hedges

And do it all in the fastest and safest way possible – thanks to our Hinowa Light Lift (one of a few in all of Queensland)!

Green Works Tree Care are renowned for being safe, reputable and professional. Always doing a quality job and always tidy up much better than your garden enthusiast.

Plus, Green Works Tree Care brings 20 million dollars’ worth of Public Liability Insurance. Other insurances consist of Work Cover, all our lorries and plant are also insured.

Green Works Tree Care narrow access cherry picker
Arborists with all areas access and confined space specialists

palm tree maintenance by Green Works Tree Care