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Look we get it! The garden can be tough sometimes. You don’t mean to let it get out of control, but… well, life happens!


And that’s why we’re here to help. We’re Brisbane’s “Fast Garden Makeover Specialists” and we can turn your neglected garden into the talk of the town—fast!


During Your Garden Makeover, We’ll…


  • Prune trees and shrubs—no more possums on the roof!
  • Clean palms and their annoying seeds
  • Put fresh mulch on your garden beds
  • Grind stumps and exposed roots so you can mow with ease
  • Plant any plants you provide for FREE!

We’ve also supervised the Gardens at Southbank Parklands, so we understand exactly what works in your garden and how make it cheaper and easier to maintain.

And best of all…

We Leave No Mess!

We’ll even put $50 on the line to prove it. That’s right, we guarantee to clean up better than any gardener you’ve had in the past. And if it’s not clean enough for you, we’ll give you a $50 gift card for the hassle! Now that’s a deal!

Special Offer

Call and book your garden makeover This Month and you’ll get a FREE bottle of Moët Chandon!

For a free quote simply Fill out the Submit Form (we check our phone email every 2 business hours) or simply call Jason on 0431 476 567 now!

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