Tree Problems and Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Removal after Storms

Do you have a tree problem and need some help? Whether it’s pruning a hard-to-reach tree, or emergency tree attention after severe storm damage, we have the technology and techniques to complete the job safely, on time and with as little fuss as possible.

Tree Removal or Emergency Tree Removal after storms

(Gold Coast, Logan, Brisbane South)… safely remove the tree with Green Works Tree Care and we’ll ensure we abide by the local Council bylaws. You see, most Councils have tree preservation bylaws that helps to conserve the heritage trees where possible.

Sometimes trees can become unhealthy and unsafe, and need to be removed because they might topple over. Always ensure you use an Arborist, not a tree lopper, and a company that has public liability insurance to ensure you are covered for the unexpected. An Arborist is a trained professional who can advise on tree issues and carry out tree removal safely.

Green Works Tree Care offer a Free Quote for tree removal in the Gold Coast, Logan and South Brisbane area.

Many of the trees we remove have been inappropriately planted some time ago either in the wrong location or by planting the wrong species of tree. Some trees have destructive root systems that can affect pipework, split concrete pathways, or lift walls. You can stop further damage of property with proper tree removal by Green Works Tree Care. We can also perform stump removal or stump grinding as appropriate.

Green Works use the best technology and employ fully-qualified team members who are insured for tree work.

Tight Spaces: 

One of our most-used elevated work platforms is our Spider Lift, allowing us to work in extremely confined spaces. As a modern, safer replacement for manual tree climbing, the Spider Lift allows us to get up close to trees where a bigger lift won’t allow access. The Spider Lift is also useful in bushland areas or for cutting branches growing into neighbouring properties.


Pruning at Height: 

When no other solution is available (not even the use of a Spider Lift) our trained technicians will go out of their way to get the job done, even if this means going the old-fashioned route of climbing the tree themselves.

As Green Care Tree Works are members of the Queensland Arboricultural Association, you can rely on our team to complete each tree care, pruning or tree removal job safely and efficiently.

If you’re in need of emergency tree removal, tree health advice, or pruning, we offer you a FREE quote and quick service times.

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