Date Palm Maintenance

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Date Palm Maintenance

Specialisted Arborists

Our Specialised Arborists are licenced to use our EWP and also trained by Hinowa in all aspects of using including Aerial Rescue as part of to meet State Government Standards, completed additional training working near powerlines, first aid.

On site Trade Qualified Arborists with years of experience will clean and shape your date palms.


Often our customers want the Date Palms to have maintenance programs. This includes watering, soil test, fertilizing, cleaning and shaping, pesticide treatment.

Why risk it?

We sanitize our equipment between use to stop the spread of disease between palms (other blogs have been written about Date Palm Diseases). Why risk it?.

Date Palm look

Like lawns and hedges,  the Quality of Date Palms improves with regular maintenance to look their best. As the health of your Date Palm improves so too the aesthetic appearance.

Roadways, Traffic Control

Canary Island Date Palm located on a street or traffic Island. No problem our team has completed level 2 traffic control. We own one of two Hinowa narrow access Cherry Pickers in Queensland which allow us to tight access areas minimizing the need to close roads.

Clean up the mess

We aim to clean up better than your gardener.




Canary Island Date Palm

Date Palm Maintenance