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Brisbane South Garden Renovations – Make your Home Sale Ready!

We are Doing Garden Renovations in Brisbane South, includes Logan and the Northern Gold Coast.

Make your house Sale Ready... with a garden renovation. Your garden creates one of the first impressions buyers see. Having renovated many houses myself and understand what problems need to be resolved.

Some of the garden problems we see include trees in the wrong place, roots pushing up fences, etc -- can affect the sale of your property if it is picked up on in a building inspection.

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An Arborist Talks about Tree Care

It’s amazing how many times people have told me I bought this little plant from a nursery to screen the neighbours in the back of the yard. The plant was only supposed to grow to fence height.

Fifteen years later the seedling has turned into an 18 metre tree, then died... or a major limb is growing over the top of the roof and the owner is worried the branch may fall in a storm.

What makes things worse, in most cases there is limited access into the front yard and the back yard is only the size of a car parking space.

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Tree Planting in South East Queensland

In broad terms, plants need somewhere between 23 to 32mm of water each week to grow and look healthy. Regular watering is particularly important during the establishment period which generally for the first 12 weeks. If a tree is planted correctly, mulched and staked the survival rate of the planted street and park trees is around 99%.

Green Works Tree Care has over a decade of experience planting street trees, shade trees in parklands, buffer plantings and revegetates degraded sites. We perform tree planting in Brisbane’s South Side, Logan Council area, & Northern Gold Coast.

Palm Tree fronds and nut removal by Green Works Tree Care
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Palm Tree Cleaning and the Fruit Bat Problem

Whilst homeowners can be distressed about bat droppings on a car, the most effective solution is to either have the palms cleaned regularly or have the palms removed.

Don't Go Batty... Palm Tree cleaning is needed to ensure the area is safe and clean for people to roam around.

Many on-site managers weve spoken to have been advised it is a requirement of their insurance policy to have these palms cleaned at least once a year.

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Arborist Tree Services, Delivering Safer Option

Spider lift delivers the safest service option

Green Works Tree Care provides innovative, confined height technologies combined with our trade qualified team ensuring consistent quality, focused on our customers and industry compliant standards. Customers are assured of a friendly, fully insured safe service providing peace of mind.

After 8 years of delivering professional services to Local Government, Green Works had to revaluate how it was delivering tree pruning, removal services at height.

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Should I Hire a Certified Arborist for My Tree Removal Needs?

Tree removal is a tricky task. Whether or not the tree is still alive, you’re extracting something that has woven itself into the structure of your property. Instead of taking the DIY route or calling a landscaper to do the job, your best option is to hire a certified arborist for your tree removal. What Is a Certified Arborist? An arborist is someone who is professionally trained in the biology of trees. These professionals are experts in tree health and caring for trees. For someone to be a certified arborist in Queensland. In most cases, they have completed thorough training include an apprenticeship. Many of them are also members of the Queensland Arboricultural Association or QAA as well, so it’s a good idea to choose an arborist who is a member.
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Cost of Palm Tree Removal in Brisbane

Welcome. I bet you've got one or two giant palm trees, right? And you're looking for the cost of palm tree removal in Brisbane or Gold Coast? First of all, why would you employ a tree surgeon/arborist, when you could just remove a tree with…