Canary Island Palm Tree Pruning

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Canary Island Palm Tree Pruning


Green Works Tree Care has a team of dedicated qualified horticulturists and arborists who provide a professional Canary Island Date Palm cleaning service.


Our arborists are fully trained in trimming techniques and only use fully sterilized equipment when pruning, cleaning and shaping Canary Island Date Palms to avoid fatal diseases such as Fusarium Wilt.


Inexperienced gardeners, tree removalists and poorly trained arborists are spreading the deadly Fusarium Wilt disease via poorly sterilized cutting equipment throughout Australia and the number of Canary Island Date Palms succumbing to this disease is increasing at an alarming rate around the Gold Coast, Logan and Brisbane South area.


If you are interested to understand more about the diseases that can affect your Canary Island Date Palm


Green Works is your local Quality Palm Cleaning supplier, that uses state of the Art technology, Trade Qualified Arborists, Fully Insured to work on Commercial Projects 20 Million Public Liability, We aim to Clean Up Better than Your Gardener.


We are Available by appointment to provide a free Quote, after Hours and Saturday mornings. During the day we are often working around noisy equipment. When you fill out the email form on this website the email goes directly to our phone. We check our phones every two hours and will contact you to arrange a free quote.




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