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Established Tree Planting

In broad terms, plants need somewhere between 23 to 32mm of water each week to grow and look healthy. Regular watering is particularly important in during the establishment period which generally for the first 12 weeks. If a tree is planted correctly, mulched and staked the survival rate of planted street and park trees is around 99%.

Unsure What to Plant?

Your local authorities, such as Logan City Council, generally list the tree species suitable in your local area on their website. It will detail if the tree has destructive root systems, height of the tree.

To see what is growing in your neighbourhood, take a walk a few blocks around from your house. You might be amazed what is growing well in your local location.

The largest factor effecting the establishment of trees in a commercial environment is vandalism.

Best Advice on Tree Planting, South East Queensland

Green Works has over a decade of experience planting street trees, shade trees in parklands, buffer plantings and revegetates degraded sites. We perform tree planting in Logan shire, Redlands, and the Gold Coast.

We plant advanced 100 litre to tube stock sizes. Often plants growing smaller pot sizes such as tube stock grow at a faster rate than trees planted in larger bag size. Often smaller plants will reach a mature size a lot faster than the larger plants.

We frequently stake trees. If the tree comes from a nursery where good quality plants are grown a tree should not necessary require staking. Larger tree stock are often staked to help a tree establish without being blown over in the wind.

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By Jason Crawshaw

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