Palm Tree Cleaning and the Fruit Bat Problem

‘Syagrus romanzoffiana’ – commonly known as Cocos Palms or Queen Palm requires cleaning (i.e pruning). Many on-site managers of large complexes I have spoken to advise it is a requirement of their insurance policy to have these palms cleaned at least once a year.

Not only this, Palm Tree cleaning is needed to ensure the area is safe and clean for people to roam around.

Cocos Palm Tree Cleaning

Cocos Palm needs cleaning, Qld
Cocos Palm

As the fruit falls it can become a slip hazard.  Those who have taken a fall refer to the experience as walking on marbles.

The cocos palms are a problem to our native wildlife, such as fruit bats. Cocos palms are an introduced plant species from South America. Many local authorities have now declared this palm a bushland weed.

Don’t Go Batty… Fruit Bats on Palm Trees

Whilst homeowners can be distressed about bat droppings on a car, the most effective solution is to either have the palms cleaned regularly or have the palms removed.

Green Works often receives referral calls from the Bat Conservation, a rescue society, from their customer to remove or clean palms. When food is in short supply, fruit bats can eat the green seeds of cocos palms — which unfortunately can cause them to die.

Bat Society
Bat Society

Green Works can provide your Facility with a solution to this problem. We provide a service where we walk through with shareholders to understand all the issues affecting the site. We look at the current on-site activities on site. We analyse the current expenses and fund our service out of the current allocation.

As Green Works is a vegetation specialist we understand all aspects of garden and tree maintenance. We put in place strategies to make the site more maintainable for the on-site manager. This one off service reduces costs over time funding this can be done from existing expenditure.

Most importantly our focus is to improve the presentation of your site. We have the capacity to combine activities such as Palm Cleaning, palm removal and with our specialist equipment.

Research shows that the presentation of landscapes plays an important role in visitors coming and spending time at a site. As the demand for the site increases this can lead to improved property prices and rent values.

Palm Cleaning Services

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By Jason Crawshaw

Green Works