Body Corporate Tree Removal or Palm Cleaning Reduces Gardening Costs

Body Corporate Tree Services

Tree & Palm Removal and Cleaning

On- site managers, Facility managers can be under pressure from the body corporates to reduce on-going costs. Yet there is a balance between cost, site presentation, public safety and the practicality of having a site that can be maintained.

Green Works can provide your Facility with a solution to this problem. We provide a service where we walk through with shareholders to understand all the issues affecting the site. We look at the current on-site activities on site. We analyse the current expenses and fund our service out of the current allocation.

As Green Works is a vegetation specialist we understand all aspects of garden and tree maintenance. We put in place strategies to make the site more maintainable for the on-site manager. This one off service reduces costs over time funding this can be done from existing expenditure.

Most importantly our focus is to improve the presentation of your site. We have the capacity to combine activities such as Palm Cleaning, palm removal and with our specialist equipment.

Research shows that the presentation of landscapes plays an important role in visitors coming and spending time at a site. As the demand for the site increases this can lead to improved property prices and rent values.

body corporate tree removal

We can also provide tailored solutions for large commercial sites such as shopping centres, commercial properties.

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By Jason Crawshaw

Green Works