Pruning, Removal & Emergency Services


There are many reasons to get your trees pruned or removed. The most common reasons are for increased visibility, access, improved natural light as well as aesthetics, CEPTED issues and tree health. Whatever your needs, Green Works has a tree service solution for you.

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Introducing our Hinowa Light Lift – the very adaptable cherry picker that fits into the tightest of corners.


Palm Cleaning and Removal

PalmsWorking on Palm Trees takes a certain type of expertise. By accessing palm trees with our confined elevated work platforms, Green Works is able to remove dead fronds, seed pods, bracts or diseased foliage, cut interfering branches, trim leaves and trunk collars, cut the trunk down to size and many other services specific to palm trees.


Tree Removal and Emergency Tree Removal

Bin IconWe offer Tree Removal and Emergency Tree Services consistently within the Local Council tree preservation by-laws. Sometimes trees can become unhealthy and unsafe and need to be removed, because of a fear they might topple and damage property. We use the latest technology, employ fully qualified team members and are 100 per cent insured for our work.


Tree Pruning

Tree PruningGreen Works provides Tree Pruning Services that meet and exceed all Australian standards. We’re able to do this through hand pruning, pole pruning, elevated work platform (EWP) and spikeless climbing.


Tree Planting

Tree Pruning

Much of our work for the local government has included street Tree Planting and community Tree Plantings. We provide a number of different sizes ranging from 300mm, 25L to 100ltr stock. We can also install protection to help younger plants or trees in areas with wildlife.

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