On-Site Policy

Bin IconGreen Works On-Site Policy

Ensuring all work is carried out safely and efficiently is Green Works’ first priority.

Great care is taken to remove or reduce any risks to workers, visitors and anyone in the immediate area where work is being carried out. Our employees are highly trained and follow all guidelines, including the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 and Workplace Health and Safety Regulations 2011.

Management Responsibilities

Green Works’ management takes full responsibility for creating a safe working environment. They ensure checks are made for all machinery, and that all members of the team are fully trained for the tasks at hand as well as reporting any incidents. While we always strive to get the job done quickly, we never take shortcuts that may risk anyone’s safety.

Employee Responsibilities

While members of management have a strong influence on workplace safety, it’s down to each individual employee to make sure these health and safety procedures are followed. This includes following all training protocols and management instructions, wearing appropriate items of protective clothing and using all equipment in the correct manner.

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