Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, we don’t pull roots we grind them

Posted on 9Nov, 2013 in Arborist Tree Care, Tree Removal

Tree Removal, Stump Grinding,

We don’t Pull Roots, We Grind Them!

Arborist Tree Removal in Play Ground

Arborist Tree Removal in Play Ground

Green Works specialises in tree removal and palm removal in confined spaces such as pool enclosures. Where possible we use our Cherry picker to gain access to trees and palms in difficult areas, See more information about out services HERE

Where this is not possible trees are climbed and dismantled.

The trees are cut down to just above ground height. In garden areas stumps can be mulched over saving the customer an expense. However in lawn and pedestrian traffic areas stumps can be a trip hazard. We don’t pull the stump out of the ground as often roots can grow around services deep underground such as water lines.

We use a specialist stump grinder to access areas such as pools. The machine can be lifted over a fence to access the most difficult site.

We only undertake stump grinding as part of undertaking over services.

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By Jason Crawshaw

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