An Arborist Talks about Tree Care. It’s amazing how many times people have told me I bought this little plant from a nursery to screen the neighbours in the back of the yard. The plant was only supposed to grow to fence height.  Fifteen years later the seedling has turned into an 18 metre tree, then died... or a major limb is growing over the top of the roof and the owner is worried the branch may fall in a storm.  What makes things worse, in most cases there is limited access into the front yard and the back yard is only the size of a car parking space. Green Works is one of the few tree care companies that have purpose bought a machine to access these sorts of specialist jobs in Queensland.  The machine fits through carports, through side gates and through narrow passages down the side of your home. We only need the size of a car parking space for the machine to be able to unfold and reach the height of just under 15 metres. To remove a tree in a confined space they are dismantled - cut into small pieces, lowered and carried out to the truck and chipper. We can also use the machine to access oversized hedges that are traditionally no longer possible to access. These are typically conifer and lillypilly screening hedges. Frequently the oversized hedge has been planted to screen out the property below but without regular maintenance is starting to block views. A certified Arborist means that Green Works Tree Care meets Arboricultural Standards and is a a member of the Queensland Arboricultural Association Inc (QAA). At Green Works, we take a lot of care to ensure your trees and garden are treated the way you would treat it yourself. If you have a difficult tree to remove in a confined space, please call Jason on 0431 476 567. confined space blog imageBy Jason Crawshaw Green Works