Arborist tree removal, what to do with a dangerous tree

Arborist Tree Removal

What to do with Dangerous Trees

Concerned about a dead or dying tree in your property? Trees can die for a lot of different reason. The most common are; Phosphorus can have a detrimental effect on native trees. Often the source of this is recycled water being used on the lawn near the tree. Soil levels have been altered, driving and parking on the root zone, excessive compaction. Ring barking the tree from machinery such as brush cutters going too close to the truck of the tree. Drought, Over fertilising, too much water … seen during the floods. Local Government Authorities have by-law protecting trees. As such it is important to contact your local authority to see if the tree can be removed. Send them an email and ask for an email response to make sure it is ok to remove the tree.
Arborist Tree Removal in Play Ground
Arborist Tree Removal in Play Ground
Arborist’s are specialist in the cultivation and care of trees and shrubs, including tree surgery. It important to use trade qualified Arborist that is experienced as a lot of the work is technical and physically challenging and could be dangerous in the hands of the unqualified. When looking for an Arborist to remove a tree ensure they have a current workers compensation cover and public liability insurance. Removing dead trees in confined spaces it is particularly important to use current technology. Frequently dead trees are structurally unsound and not safe to climb. It’s always nice to find an enthusiastic person willing to have a go but remove dead trees is a high risk activity without the right equipment. Trying to climb dead trees puts the climber at risk but also you and neighbouring properties. Green works has over a decade of safely removing the most dangerous tree removal issues. Call today Jason 0431476567 for a free quote. By Jason Crawshaw Green Works